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8:00 PM September 20, is going to be a wonderful time to get popcorn and Pizza

Tomorrow at 8:00 PM ET, Project Veritas has teased twice that they have amazing leaks from the CDC and Pfizer etc. and we will learn important truths about the “vaccines”. Very exciting.

And now Sky News tells us that at 8:00 PM they will also have a major revelation about the Wuhan Flu which started this all, and from their teaser, Anthony Fauci was up to his eyeballs in funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and is even on record saying that he felt this research was “worth risking a pandemic”.

The only thing we don’t know is, what time zone does she refer to? 8:00 PM September 20th could be 12 hours from now if its in some parts of Australia. In any case, tomorrow promises to be a news day with some vindication for many of us.

I really hope James O’Keefe has some kind of Julian Assange insurance and certainly that he never plans to go to England. They basically have Assange in the same arrangement as they did Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII.


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