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Maricopa Heats Up! GA Gets Wake-up Call – World Revolt Against Tyranny! Pray! – AWK Must Video

Great video thanks for taking the time to wake up the masses.

Don’t call it medicine. It is a GMI Genetically Modifying Injection!

Research MNF issue. Raider fans mandated to be vexed to goto games. Only 50% occupancy. 300 went over to vax locations in stadium parking lot so they could get into the game. With ambulances standing by, four immediately were rushed to the hospital for adverse reactions.

They knew there’d be bad issues and were waiting for them. Also, if the CDC says only people who got a stab after 14 days can be classified as vaxxinated then how is a jab in the parking lot going to be effective vs. 5 minutes before. Total and complete scam…

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