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50 Million Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills! Evictions Just To Charge Higher Rent! Split Up Items! – Full Spectrum Survival

Reporting agencies are warning that between 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 Americans are about to be evictions or foreclosed on. 50,000,000 American adults are reported to be underemployed & so unable to pay their monthly bills without financial hardship. Splitting up your pantry and goods will help you if you are forced to evacuate.

With the help of Brad and Kelly at Full Spectrum Survival, I was able to turn my mother in law into a Prepper and open her eyes to the potential dangers of this world. Before COVID-19 she thought it was weird that somebody would have hundreds or thousands of pounds of food. Not anymore! Thank you FSS! Also to Canadian Prepper and Prepper Princess for presenting information to people in a very articulate way. ✌️

Gees, Biden is printing money almost as fast as he printed ballots in swing states, inflation is inevitable.

Look at the expiration dates on the currently available food at grocery stores right now. Everything expires soon. Less and less on the shelves. Its happening!! Heed the warnings.

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