Woman Has The Perfect Comeback When Rich Man Belittles Her For Not Earning As Much As Him

There are many snobbish people in the world, and a good number of them seem to believe that the money they earn automatically determines their social ranking in life.

If they happen to be well-off, they might think, for whatever reason, that this makes them better than everyone around them who earns less.

One such person like this messed with the wrong person in this story.

A woman who worked as a teacher was attending a dinner event, and one of the other attendees was a CEO.

You can probably imagine what happened next – but when you read about it, don’t be surprised if you feel incredulous and furious that anyone could think this way!

As the dinner party started conversations and discussion, the CEO began to speak, talking about education and its problems.

He said the main issue was the teachers, stating that there was nothing any child could learn from someone who made the choice to become a teacher and believed that this was a good option.

He added that those who can do things, do, while those who cannot, teach.

The CEO then turned to the teacher and smirked condescendingly. He asked her to be honest and tell them all what she makes.

Luckily, this teacher wasn’t one to back done from a fight! She considered his question for a moment, then responded frankly, honestly, and with no holds bars.

To begin with, she talked about how she makes young children work even harder than they believe that they can.

She talked about awarding grades, and how she can make a C+ feel like an incredible badge of honor, an award, and something to strive for when they’re flunking their tests.

She mentioned how she makes children, who can’t be made by their parents to sit still, sit down for 40 minutes of class without the use of any devices or gadgets.

Then, she paused, stopping to look around at all the people at the table, challenging them, did they really want to know what she makes?

She then spoke about how she makes children question and wonder, broadening their horizons.

How she makes them say sorry and be genuine when they do.

How she makes them take ownership and responsibility for their wrongs and makes them show honest respect.

How she makes them write, read, and read some more.

How she makes them use their minds to do math.

She also talked about how she makes foreign students learn everything necessary in English while keeping their culture, their identities, and their background present.

How she makes her class a safe place for her students.

How she makes them stand and respect their country with the Pledge of Allegiance.

How she makes them understand that they can use their given gifts to chase dreams and use hard work to achieve success.

Finally, she said that she cares not if others judge her for her income and for what she makes, because she knows she can stand proud – because she makes a difference.

As you can imagine, that CEO kept his mouth shut after that!

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