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Will Make the Superbowl Look Like a Puppy Show! Busted! The End Is Near? Pray! – And We Know Must See Video 

The Biden administration is nothing more than skin covered demons! These people and everything they stand for is sick! I pray for justice soon and swift! 

Didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night. After feeling the effects spiritually last year when I watched the half time show, I didn’t want to participate in the satanic ritual by watching it. Couldn’t wait to get this notification today to see your take on everything. For someone who grew up in the 90s, this genre of music was very popular and defined a lot of my high school memories. But I look at it differently now with a different lens, and how this once grassroots art form has turned into a way evil doers can cast spells onto youth and turn them away from God and their true power as human beings.

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