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What He Saw in Parallel Universes Is Beyond Words – COAST TO COAST AM April 2022 

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COAST TO COAST AM – April 2022. Garnet Schulhauser revealed what he has learned from his spirit guide about the eternal questions of life and the truth of our existence as eternal souls, the cycle of reincarnation, and how the splendor of the afterlife awaits us all.

According to Schulhauser, he was walking down the street one day in 2007 when a homeless man stepped in front of his path. “I stood their frozen because he had these amazing, dazzling, sparking blue eyes… I felt like he was looking right down into the depths of my soul and that he knew everything about me,” Schulhauser recalled. The homeless man was named Albert and turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise, he added.

Schulhauser described the feeling of pure unconditional love coming from Albert. “I never felt this good any time before in my life”, he said.

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