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Washington Thinks It’s New Rome—Reality Shows It’s Hunger Games Capitol Of Panem

An insightful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) has been forced to take security measures due to NATO activities near Russian borders, further reveals that the MoD has redeployed attack aircraft from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan for drills on the Afghanistan border—and are military moves coming at the same time the United States military Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) pointed to a pattern of disastrously managed American wars over the decades, telling reporters on Thursday that Washington “is all but guaranteed to make the same mistakes again in the future”, even as it extracts itself from the longest conflict in US history, with his stating: “Don’t believe what you’re told by the generals, or the ambassadors, or people in the administration saying we’re never going to do this again”.

With a new Great Game afoot in Afghanistan as China hosts the Taliban and eyes a key role in the country’s future, the Special Russian Presidential Representative for AfghanistanMinister Zamir Kabulov, just notified the Security Council that the Taliban certainly controls more than half of Afghanistan’s territory, and their attacks against US-backed government forces are increasing.

This transcript shows Security Council Members attempting to comprehend what Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden is planning to do as Afghanistan spirals out of control, but whose efforts to do so are stymied by his continued demented outbursts of lunacy—is a comprehension of American intent needing a clear understanding, specifically because the United States and China are locked in a classic “Thucydides Trap”—a term taken from Ancient Greece that argues this phenomenon between an existing power and a rising power has a high risk of descending into war—and about which today sees geopolitical defense experts warning: “The hands of both sides are tied now in a path that, even if they wanted to get out, would require compromises that are non-starters in respect of what they need to do at home…Attempts at dialogue are not working and are descending into shouting matches, which is never a good sign…At the very least, it appears we are in for many years of tense, even bitter, ideological, political, and economic rivalry between the two akin to the Cold War that played out between America and the Soviet Union – but one which will have a very different outcome”.

In the latest demented lunatic outburst issued by socialist leader Biden, this report documents that during a visit to the office of the Director of National Intelligence on Tuesday, it saw him talking up the threat posed by Russia, with his explaining its alleged aggressiveness as “a product of its supposedly failing economy”—then saw Biden claiming that President Putin: “Has a real problem…He is sitting on top of an economy that has nuclear weapons and oil wealth and nothing else…Nothing else…Their economy is like the eighth largest in the world…He knows he’s in real trouble, which makes him even more dangerous, in my opinion”.

Security Council Members in this transcript express shock that Biden doesn’t appear to know anything about the Russian economy, which in geopolitical terms is a grave miscalculation against a nuclear armed nation you’re branding a threat—though if wanting to know the truth about the Russians, at the very least Biden should know it has two economies—one being the “white economy”, and the other beingthe “shadow economy” that accounts for almost 45% of the GDP in Russia making it one the largest economies in Europe—should see Biden knowing that Russia manufactures just about everything you could imagine – from space craft, through airplanes, cars, and computers, to boots and clothing. Russian-owned companies like Yandex, Kaspersky, and Telegram are leaders in the European IT sector—should see Biden knowing that Russia has a thriving service industry, which accounts for a whopping 60% of GDP and employs 63% of the working Russian population, and by contrast oil and gas now accounts for only 15% of GDP—should see Biden knowing that over 80% of the drugs sold in Russia were domestically produced—and should see Biden knowing that Russia has a full-service economy, in the sense that it produces nearly all of what it consumes.

With Russia being the biggest country in the world, this report continues, its world’s largest $75-trillion in natural resource wealth is protected by the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal—further sees Russia being self sufficient in food and the world’s largest exporter of grain—all of which is joined by Russia having less than $290-billion in national debt, as compared to the United States, whose beyond staggering national debt and unfunded liabilities today stands at over $154-TRILLION.

If socialist leader Biden wants to see a nation whose economy is “in real trouble”, though, this report details, he needs only look at the United States—where when President Donald Trump took office, the energy companies in the S&P 500 were devoting $70 to $80 billion a year in capital expenditures, but this year it will be about $20 billion, barely a quarter as much as the last peak, and analysts polled by Bloomberg put next year’s total at less than $30 billion—sees natural gas production is down by about 10% from the 2019 peak, and oil production is down by 20% —while the US isn’t investing in energy, or much of anything else. it doesn’t boast a single company to compete with HuaweiEricsson, or Nokia in 5G broadband, as China, with its robust supply chains and abundance and diversity of skilled workers and engineers, is likely to get a jump on the United States in the new technologies that will transform economic life—today sees that US industries aren’t investing in new equipment, in fact, capital expenditures for US industrial companies this year will be 35% lower than in 2019, and not much better next year—today sees American supply chains can’t keep up with the $5 trillion in demand that the US Treasury dumped onto consumers, so America is running a $1 trillion a year balance of payments deficit, and the pull of demand has spiked the inflation rate above 5% —all of which is occurring while China has installed about 80% of the world’s 5G mobile broadband capacity, the carrier for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as much as railroads were for the First Industrial Revolution, and is moving much faster towards smart cities, automated ports, autonomous vehicles, self-programming robots and a wealth of other 5G applications.

Even though the American people aren’t being told the truth about the Russian economy as it compares to their own, this report notes, it more than explains why no one in Europe really cares what Washington thinks, specifically because to much of the world America looks like a declining power, precisely because it is a declining power—today sees the last thing that German Chancellor Angela Merkel or French President Emmanuel Macron want to do is tangle with Russia—further sees America’s allies not having a lot of confidence in Washington’s will to defend them, most particularly after the humiliating spectacle of another Vietnam-style run from a country where American forces fought a 20-year war, namely in Afghanistan—and most importantly, today also sees Europeans viewing with distaste the American version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, where the “woke” equivalent of Red Guards hold self-criticism sessions at corporations and universities to extract confessions of racism, homophobia, transphobia and so forth.

Security Council Members in this transcript examining what has happened to America over the past generation causing its self-inflicted destruction, note its sole cause being the elites in Washington D.C. attempting to turn this city into a modern day Rome, which was the capitol city of the Roman Empire, which eventually destroyed itself, too.

In the deranged vision of these actually insane Washington D.C. elites, this report explains, they plotted a course to willingly divest America of its wealth and industrial might in order to create a world they could rule over by their legions of military forces that they placed around the entire globe—by 2011 it saw Washington D.C. becoming the richest city in America, and the 9-communities surrounding it becoming some of the richest cities in America, too—a Washington D.C. region that produced no goods or food and exported nothing while spreading misery, death and bloodshed around the world—the predictable consequence of which led Princeton University experts to officially declare, in 2014, that the United States was no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy ruled over by these elites for their own greedy benefit.

One of the historical oddities of Washington D.C., this report notes, is that a large portion of it used to be called Rome after a man named Francis Pope (not to be confused with Pope Francisbought 400-acres of this city in 1663 and dedicated it to the Roman Empire—though in factual reality, today sees it best resembling a dystopian scene out of “The Hunger Games”, whose Capitol of Panem is a technologically advanced, utopian city where the nation’s most wealthy and powerful citizens live, and is lavishly rich while the districts it controls by brutal tyrannical force are in varying states of poverty, crime and chaos.

As in the despotic Capitol of Panem, this report points out, the oligarch elites in Washington D.C. are protected by insidiously corrupt state intelligence organizations—best exampled this week by it being shockingly revealed that the CIA was the main leaker of classified information meant to destroy President Trump—yesterday saw the so-called Department of Justice threatening to sue any State that dares try to audit the 2020 election—a threat coming on the same day a new poll revealed that a majority of likely US. voters — 55 percent — support forensic audits to make sure that there was no voter fraud while only 29 percent oppose audits—sees this threat coming at the same time over 75-million Trump supporters have been branded “enemies of the state” by the leftist mainstream propaganda media—all of which comes at the same time it’s being warned: “If we disagree on the very methods for securing an election, and if we cast doubt on the legitimacy of elections due to the identity of the winning candidate, our representative democracy is truly lost”.

In looking out over the despotic socialist landscape of America from the Capitol of Panem yesterday, this report notes, in true “Hunger Games” fashion it saw a young woman brutally beheaded in Minnesota by a deranged lunatic whom a socialist judge had previously released—a brutal beheading quickly followed by Minnesota fighting back in court against a judicial ruling ordering them to hire more police to protect citizens—then it saw Republican Party representatives blocked by Biden’s socialist jailers from viewing the brutal conditions Trump supporting “political prisoners” from 6 January are being subjected to of daily beatings and starvation—atrocities quickly joined by socialist Democrats in Illinois ordering everyone not subjecting themselves to experimental Covid vaccines to start wearing “yellow tags” on their clothing reminiscent of the Yellow Stars the Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany—then saw it being beyond shockingly revealed that a group of socialist Democrat Party social worker officials in North Carolina have been criminally indicted for illegally seizing babies and children away from their parents.

While the real life “Hunger Games” districts of America descend into further socialist-caused criminal chaos and bloodshed, this report continues, the socialist oligarch elites in the Capitol of Panem moved to further isolate and protect themselves from the innocent citizens they’re terrorizing—best exampled yesterday when the Senate voted 98-0, and the House followed suit hours later, 416-11, to give nearly $1-billion to the Capitol Police and National Guard to protect the Capitol building—after which socialist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the Capitol Police to arrest anyone found not wearing a mask—an arrest order not applying to socialist Democrat Party leader US Congressman Jerry Nadlerwho was caught not wearing a mask—after which maskless House Republicans walked to the Senate side of the building where masks aren’t mandatory—then it saw Republican Party leader US Congressman Thomas Massie posting a defiant message declaring: “

Shortly after Congressman Massie posted his defiant “arrest my entire staff” declaration, this report concludes, the supreme oligarch leader of the Capitol of Panem issued a new edict for all of the under socialist siege “Hunger Games” districts of America—an edict that saw socialist leader Biden demanding that everyone vaccinated wear a mask just a few weeks after he said if you were vaccinated no mask was needed—a deranged edict making no medical sense and having no evidence whatsoever to support it exploded against by those like leftist talk show host Meghan McCain, who warned: “This is stupid…There are citizens of this country that aren’t going to do this…They aren’t gonna stand for this… And I do think what you’ll end up seeing is a completely divided America where people who don’t wanna live under these kind of restrictions—no matter the judgement of people on this panel and people in politics—and are willing to take that kind of risk and live in a place that is freer”—sees new polling showing that only 40% of Americans will obey this insane edict—of the few remaining sane leaders left in America, yesterday it saw President Trump declaring that these elite “RINO’s and communist Democrats are ruining America”—and is a sane observation making it no wonder why famed podcaster Dave Rubin presciently observed about President Trump, in a post that was quickly censored by leftist tech giant Twitter: “Sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists should study how a billionaire orange man from New York was more authentic than any of the people who hated him”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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