Unvaccinated Teachers & Parents Banned from NYC Schools, My Urgent Warning for Parents

Monday 9/13 is the first day of classes for NYC public school students. If you’re unaware, Mayor De Blasio mandated the experimental COVID-19 injections for all NYC Department of Education employees. DOE employees must receive one dose by 9/27 or face termination. ATTN DOE Employees: NYC will require *EVERY* DOE employee to have received at […]

Monday 9/13 is the first day of classes for NYC public school students.

If you’re unaware, Mayor De Blasio mandated the experimental COVID-19 injections for all NYC Department of Education employees.

DOE employees must receive one dose by 9/27 or face termination.


However, NYC acted prior to the 9/27 deadline by banning unvaccinated teachers from school property effective 9/13.

The authoritative rule also applies to unvaccinated parents.

NY Teachers for Choice explains:

On Friday 9-10-21, NYC announced that unvaccinated parents can’t enter any public school building in the city as of 9-13-21. No mention at all of how these parents, that make up over 60% of all African American parents, can pick up their children from school. I know PTA moms who have dedicated years of voluntary work to their school communities now COMPLETELY BARRED FROM THEIR CHILD’s SCHOOL!

And let’s not forget the CDC says COVID vaccines do not stop transmission of SARS CoV-2. This is NOT about public health!

Unvaccinated teachers have virtually no options as the arbitration process has made medical and religious exemptions to vaccination a joke that lead to all NYC public school educators completely out of the classroom and eventually out of a job. The UFT has intentionally failed us. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE will have legal announcements in this regard at our Monday 9-13-21 Foley Square Protest. Don’t miss it!


Worse still Randi Weingarten has fired all unvaccinated employees (not educators) who work for the AFT. All lawyers, secretaries, accountants, etc… Do not give these people one more dime for one more day. ALL AFT MEMBERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY MUST LEAVE THEIR UNION. CHCAGO, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRAN, EVERYONE! THE ONLY THING THAT THEY WILL PAY ANY ATTENTION TO IS LOSS OF FUNDS.


My warning for NYC parents against this wicked agenda?

Home school your children.


Take action immediately or else you’re giving your child to monsters.

For parents with kids aged 12+, they’re going to vaccinate them starting day 1 of school.

Here’s a dire warning from a DOE employee that attended a recent NYC City Council Meeting that discussed school protocols.

They’re going to treat children like criminals.

-Pop Up Vaccination Sites

-One million masks

-Isolation zones

-Quarantining only unvaccinated kids

-Limited lunch time

Pop-Up vaccination sites will be at all NYC middle and high schools the first week of classes:

From NY Daily News:

All 700 city public middle and high schools will offer temporary vaccination sites during the first week of classes this month, according to city education officials.

The vaccine pop-up sites will be able to administer shots to eligible students, families and staff, schools chancellor Meisha Porter told lawmakers during a City Council hearing Wednesday.

The inoculation sites will be available at any school serving kids ages 12 and up — the youngest age currently eligible to receive a vaccine.

They’re coming for the children.

And the only thing standing in their way is parents who don’t send them to these indoctrination centers.

“Walk Out Week” kicks off Monday 9/13.

Parents are urged to keep their children home from school to resist mask and vaccine mandates.

Children’s Health Defense shared details:

We have launched a nationwide “Walk Out Week” starting on September 13 in response to mask and vaccine mandates in schools and businesses around the country. Parents, educators and concerned citizens across the U.S. will participate in the coordinated week-long event focused on peaceful non-compliance, to remind government officials that individuals should have the final say when it comes to their health and that of their children.

Participants in Walk-out Week are urged to keep their children home from school and stay home from work for all or part of the week to organize within local communities to show up at schools, state education departments and local city halls in peaceful protest against mandates. Parents can also work with other concerned citizens to explore alternative schooling.

Parents and educators around the country are increasingly voicing opposition to these mandates, especially after a summer of normalcy in most states where children have been enjoying activities maskless. Teachers and staff who prefer choice when it comes to masks, vaccines or weekly testing are also expressing frustration with government overreach and lack of support from unions to preserve choice.

“The last-minute attempt to force vaccinate NYC teachers while the rest of NY State has an option to test shows how illegitimate and useless our union has become,” said Michael Kane, Founder of Teachers for Choice and NYC DOE Educator of 14 years. “Add to it that the FDA approval process for the Pfizer COVID vaccine was as fraudulent as a three-card-monte game down a Brooklyn alleyway. Thank God Children’s Health Defense is suing the FDA over this scam!”

NYC is kicking off Walk Out Week with a major protest where thousands are expected to attend including city union members, employers and parents. States all around the country are expected to join in on Monday, September 13 and will take continued action throughout the week voicing their concerns with their employers, state elected officials, school administrators and board of education members.

NYC Walk-Out Week kicks off Monday 9/13 with marches across the city that will merge together at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

Del Bigtree from The HighWire will be one of the speakers at the event.

While NYC is critical due to their attempts of vaccinating all children 12+, my warning extends to parents around the country.

Keep your children from these wicked institutions.

We’ve witnessed countless examples of their evil agenda to indoctrinate and medicate our youth.

Whether it’s you or someone you trust, home school is the answer.

Take back your children’s lives from these monsters.


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