Toddler with COVID-19 Has Fever Over 106 For Two Weeks And Continues To Have Fever Of 101 Now

Please pray for him!

The whole world has changed in the past six weeks weeks and many stories of failure and triumph have surfaced. Coronavirus pandemic has introduced several complications that tell us that we need to be vigilant. Luke Schreiber, a 22-month-old boy living in Farmington Hills, Michigan had to go through a terrifying ordeal with coronavirus.

On March 31st, Luke’s family was watching the movie Frozen together when Luke looked like he was about to pass out. Both Luke and his four-month-old brother Alistair had a slight fever. When Luke woke up crying one day, his fever was close to 103, little more than Alistair, which made his mom Amanda anxious. They had been cautious and doing everything to ensure that the family is not infected with the coronavirus.

To those of you complaining about the Stay Home Stay Safe Executive Order Extension:My son tested positive for…

Posted by Amanda May Schreiber on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The fever reduced when the children were administered medicine, but it spiked again to a number they had never seen in a thermometer. Luke showed a fever of 106.5. Amanda check repeatedly with two different thermometers and his temperature remained that high. Luke was shaking and shivering, and a cold bath and cold compressors didn’t help. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he tested positive for COVID-19.

As Luke’s temperature was very high, doctors told the parents that he was at a much high risk of seizure and brain damage. By God’s grace, the hospital was successful in getting Luke’s fever under control and the family returned home. Two weeks past that, the family lives under quarantine, and Luke continues to battle a lingering fever of 101. The fever goes away but comes right back which makes Luke tired and in need of sleep.

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