Struggling Single Mom Gets Flat Tire, Then Stranger Looks At Her Car And Says ‘You Can’t Leave’

When you truly need help, God finds a way to make it reach you. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, there are good people, His people, who can help you out of the darkness and into the light. Even when it seems that nothing can make it better, your faith can make wonderful things happen. That’s what one woman discovered when a stranger helped her out of what felt like a bleak and hopeless situation. He was her angel in disguise.

Single mom Victoria Evins from Westfield, Indiana has had a tough life. In spite of being burdened with what felt like more than her fair share of problems, Evins was determined to make the best of it for her family. With three children to bring up, she was devastated when her partner and father to her youngest was murdered three years ago.

On her way to a job interview, with the hope that she would be able to make something more of her life and keep her kids well-fed and sheltered, she came up against a new obstacle. As she headed for the interview, her car had a flat tire, potentially jeopardizing her shot at a new start. With just $23 in her pocket and stranded at an intersection, she felt helpless and broke down in tears.

A stranger, seeing her trauma came up to her to help her change the tire. But when he looked closely at her wheels, he said: “You can’t leave,”. The car was not fit to be driven and would need repairs. Repairs she couldn’t afford.

To her surprise, the man gave her $100 to fix her flat and said he’d take her to Discount Tires himself. But the man wasn’t done yet. What happens next was even more surprising!

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