Strangers Leave Waitress Huge Tip — Then She Visits Their Hotel And Discover The Inconceivable

Times are tough, many people are working two jobs to make ends meet. In Hawaii, Cayla Chandara has two jobs – both as a waitress. I have never worked in a restaurant, but I can’t imagine it is easy to work. You are on your feet all day, and sometimes the customers aren’t very nice to deal with. Cayla had moved from California to Waikiki, Hawaii to finish school – but that didn’t work out for her.

waitress and big tip

So, she had to get two jobs to pay off her school loans. Cayla didn’t give up her dream of finishing school, she just put it on hold for a while. She was going to save up money and go back one day.

One night, Cayla was serving a group of people visiting from Australia.

waitress and big tip

CBS News reports that the group consisted of two lifelong friends and a girl, age 10. Cayla started chatting with friendly tourists, and they soon learned of Cayla’s struggles and dreams. When Cayla cleared the table, she found that they had left her a $400 tip!

waitress and big tip

The next night, the lady and the little girl reappeared at the restaurant and told Cayla that they wanted to give her $10,000 to pay off her school loans and help with her college tuition!

Wait, what?! Total strangers helping a young girl pay for college!

Cayla was speechless and told them she couldn’t accept their offer, but in the end, she accepted! This fall, Cayla will be returning to school and studying business. Share away, people!

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