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Stew Peters Show: Exclusive Leaked Pfizer Emails Reveal Graphene Oxide Cover-Up With Dr. David Martin (Must Video)

In his latest video, Stew discusses how Republicans have exclusively, without ANY Democrats, sponsored a bill that would protect transgenders, making it illegal to disallow sexual monsters from going into any bathroom they wish, forcing Christians to accept tranny culture or be prosecuted, fined and jailed.

EXCLUSIVENever-Before-Seen Pfizer LEAKED EMAILS prove a Graphene Oxide Cover-Up by Top-Level Scientists: Pfizer Whistleblower, Melissa McAtee joins Stew with RECEIPTS!

Have you ever thought about the
violation of human rights and
medical ethics found in the vaccine
industry’s pushing of mandatory
vaccines for everyone? The fact
that the industry wants to inject you
and your children without
disclosing the risks of vaccines
which include permanent, serious
damage as well as death
demonstrates just how tyrannical
and evil the vaccine industry has

Dr. David Martin LIVE: Exposing the United States criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and introduce a bioweapon, unleash death on the American populous – Dr. Martin empowers American citizens to STOP the coronavirus death cult from continuing to oppress once-free citizens and empower a medical tyranny upon civilization.

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