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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


God save the children, the precious ones of earth.
From the time they are born and the innocence of their birth.
How could any decent human ever put a price tag on their worth.
Let us pray for all the tortured ones and their heavenly rebirth.

For those that perished oh so young because they screamed the most.
From the mental mind control and physical pain given by their demon hosts.
These precious ones were the lucky ones because they no longer were abused.
Unknowingly sent to Heavenly Father were there little souls were rescued.

For those that were silent and took the pain and never screamed a thing.
They were allowed to survive as long as they did not sing.
Attempt to live out a normal life yet deep inside lying.
Keeping it all within, doing their best to avoid crying.

Once again I pray to all the adults who have survived this abuse.
Your mental and physical toughness saved your life, yet very bruised.
I know first hand having seen it again you have all paid your dues.
The time has come Heavenly Father for your justice to turn the screws.

Let us all pray until the day, ALL of God’s children do play.
Free and happy with no silent screams heard, where they must obey.
They are our future and will never be again a demon’s prey.
For this is and will always be, our precious children’s earth to stay.

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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