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Situation Update: DEFCON 1 Imminent Attack! Nuclear War Threat Looms! Global Food Shortages! Military Tribunal Testimony! Toxic Vax! 379,000 Dead of The Vax! Human Genome Poisoned! Power Grid Attack! – We The People News 

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Free all children from underground
Release the warriors who God has found
Engage the enemy that are there
Evil can be found everywhere.
Don’t give up on any child
Open your heart to make them smile.
Memories anew for brighter days.

Forgive all those who have lost their way.
Or destroy the ones who have no soul.
Remove all evil of those not told.

All mankind will be grateful for this.
Learn to live in peaceful bliss.
Love will always find Gods’ gifts.

I believe in all humankind

Please take heart and hold the Line
Remember every soul that was lost.
Arrive to a conclusion with out a cost.
You need to save children from being tossed.

#SaveTheChildren….I Pray for this,..Amen 🙏

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


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