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Situation Update: Byeden Provoking Nuclear War! SCOTUS To Overturn Stolen 2020 Election! Hepatitis In Vaxed Children! Stock Market Crashing Already! Ukraine Cuts Off Natural Gas To Europe! – We The People News

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HELLO PATRIOTS HERE IS AN ADDITIONAL NEWS ITEM TODAY FROM RT NEWS. Big Pharma, the Pentagon and leading Democrats are implicated in a secret research scheme Democrats in the US partnered with Big Pharma companies and friendly foundations led by George Soros and Bill Gates to set up biological research in Ukraine, using the project to generate additional funding for elections, the Russian military said on Wednesday in the latest biolab briefing.  “It needs to be said that the ideologues of US military biological research in Ukraine are leaders of the Democratic Party,” said Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force. The US government set up a way to fund the military bio-research directly from the federal budget, but also used government guarantees to raise funds from “non-governmental organizations controlled by the leadership of the Democratic Party,” Kirillov added.

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