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Situation Update – Apr 5, 2023 – In Trying To Defeat America, Desperate Dems Hand Victory Path To Trump! Steve Quayle Insights! – Mike Adams Must Video

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– Trump indictment a VICTORY for Trump that may propel him to victory in 2024
– Dems reveal their desperation and tyranny for everyone to see
– Trump finally gets the wake-up call he needed about the depths of evil in the swamp
– New interview with Steve Quayle, covering WWIII, financial crisis and the collapse of fiat currencies
– Weather weapons target America’s midwest with tornadoes, food supply will be impacted

– AI demon infestation and transhumanism may spell the end of the human race
– Blackstone limits REIT withdrawals as liquidity vanishes
– Why you may not be able to get your money out of the banks
– Researchers are STILL building deadly monkeypox bioweapons.


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