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Situation Update 07-11-23 ~ Q+ Trump! US Military! White Hat Intel! ~ SG Anon Intel! – Must Video

PAINS ANGELS 215 – Listen what he says opening this video Remdesivir, the PCR’s, the Ventilators = DEATH, couldn’t see your loved ones, could not view the body, caskets closed, expensive freezers delivered, it wasn’t for the delivery of shots as said, (the shots came in regular boxes), the nursing homes, the owners, The coroners were hospital staff. “You M’ fers used the freezers for the organs – they harvested their organs”!!!!! Put to death for money. Good luck, you f’ing bags because you are going to need it. Find them all. WWG1WGA Remember Gov. Cuomo, New York, “we don’t have enough ventilators, we need more‼️ President Trump wasn’t ordering more ventilators, I read this, must have been a leak, how would I know this‼️A nurse I met online then said these NH patients were being murdered. She was a nurse; she volunteered to go to NY. She said no one would listen (then). She said when she went on shift, the prior shift was leaving her dead patients discovered as she went to each room after the prior shift left. The prior shift in briefing did not tell her anyone was already dead. 2019 – 2021. She said Cuomo was a cold-blooded murderer-heading this mass genocide up. FB Ya’llll, constantly fact checking her, taking these posts down and FB jail, me too. FB ZuckSuck, he was a Rockefeller. Pre-Meditated murder beyond any known-on earth. This is what President Trump means when he says this is all worse, shock the world, the 10 days, no internet, no cells, 1 TV station 24 hours a day, TRUTH. Pray up for strength Courage, seek salvation. Stay with Jesus, hold Him captive in every thought. We won’t fight conventionally; we will Unite as one to show deep state we will not back down in America – not one of us. President Trump, we will never be taken over by communism. Someone said, stop calling them liberals, they are communists. God’s Plan, given to the Military, President Trump. Trust the Plan. Will take longer. Love the Lord, “wait I say, wait”. Holy Scripture. Amen

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