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SGAnon Drop Intel January 2023!! – Must Video

SGAnon Drop Intel January 2023!! – Must Video

GCR will be the final nail in the Kazarions aka Cainanites aka Jesuits aka Boliviacs aka Masons aka Skull & Bones! How? – Their army of paid shills can do nothing with the bribes/payouts they received… – They’re be absolutely no way to pay out any illegal promised payments… Example’ It’s been ousted via whistleblowers as much a 5.8million was paid to a single school board member to push mask and shots. So lets assume they on average got at least 1million.

How will a 60k a year school board member explain to the exchange center teller the sudden extra million in cash or in an account? Selling Avon, collecting cans?

Now do this same reasoning across the board? Again new asset backed currency ends them forever… lov you all!

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