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SG Anon Interview With Breaking News To Move Forward & Not Lose Heart! – Meri Crouley Must Video

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

Thank you SG it’s been mentally draining working with vaxed people who act like the Biden Administration. With lies, division in the workforce. It’s literally a spiritual Battle. I’m a retired elder that has to work cuz ss doesn’t cover the cost of living. I just hope and pray for those that are’s so unclear what is happening in UK and Ohio, open boarder, gas, electricity, food. A person cannot even have or see “happy days” churches speak about the gifts of the spirit, pleading & protecting ourself with Jesus blood, pastors having people come for’s like everything is in your face. I pray for all states surrounding the Ohio states where these toxic chemicals will seep into the water tables. I pray for all of us. I pray for our children’s future. I pray no more lockdowns and masks..feel if things don’t come forward the suppression will turn to civil war.

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