“Matt Damon’s Stark Warning to Ben Affleck Before Marrying J-Lo Revealed!”

According to sources, some fans were warned against the idea of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rekindling their romance, even though it happened almost twenty years after their initial engagement.

Insiders told the Daily Mail that Ben’s close friend and fellow actor Matt Damon had warned him about reconnecting with Lopez before their 2022 Las Vegas wedding, according to the daily.

Rumors about Ben Affleck’s supposedly failed marriage have Affleck in a downward spiral, and according to these insiders, Damon is doing all in his power to stop him.

For those who identify as members of the so-called “Bennifer” union, the news of the past several weeks has been very disheartening.

Lopez recently made the audacious decision to postpone her scheduled North American tour, stating a need to spend time with her family, and Ben Affleck allegedly moved out of the couple’s marital home in Beverly Hills. The house is rumored to be back on the market now.

Regardless of how bleak it may appear, the situation becomes rather apparent when you consider that the couple has not released a statement denying the rumors that they are divorcing.

Reports indicate that some individuals did, in fact, see the red flags early on. Some of such people include the legendary Matt Damon.

Damon, 53, has reportedly advised Affleck to “focus on his work” in order to maintain focus on his career goals and aspirations, according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the Martian star also cautioned his closest friend against reconnecting with Jennifer Lopez, suggesting that it would not be the smartest move.

“Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with JLo that this could happen,” an insider told the Daily Mail. It was Matt’s belief that this would happen again that led him to assist Ben in getting back on his feet following their initial breakup.

Plus, Affleck is said to highly value Damon’s advice because Damon’s marriage to Luciana Barroso has been stable for almost twenty years.

Since they were kids, Affleck and Damon have been best friends. They both got their starts in the industry when they teamed up to develop the screenplay for Good Will Hunting, which won an Oscar.

“As things began to unravel, Matt assured Ben that he would back his decision-making process but urged him to dive headfirst into his work,” the source went on to say.

Just like before, Ben devoted a great deal of time to JLo’s projects. “What has she ever accomplished for your career?” he asked Ben.

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