Sex Offender Charged After Allegedly Attempting to Prey upon Minor Victim

A horrifying incident surfaced when a convicted sex offender in Alabama was charged again, after attempting to chase an 8-year-old girl from a bus stop. The 35-year-old accused, Travis Terrell McIntosh, allegedly told a minor girl, “Come here” before starting to chase her, based on the narrated account by the mother of the victim.

The 8-year-old had screamed, which had caused the mother to rush out of her house in alarm, as McIntosh hid himself in an adjacent densely wooded area. The response which arrived only a few minutes later, called for extra backup as the hunt for the accused began.

The Holy Spirit Catholic High School was temporarily closed because of the vicious chase. After a thorough search of the neighborhood for almost two hours, the authorities discovered the 35-year-old McIntosh in the backyard of a house.

McIntosh was charged with second-degree rape back in 2015. He also holds a history of attempts to “elude police officers” on several accounts. The police officers praised the little girl, claiming, “We’re so proud of the daughter for being brave and for doing exactly what she should have!”

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