Protesters storm churches in Poland on the 4th day of unrest after a court ruling tightened the country's already-strict abortion laws

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Demonstrators in a cathedral in Lodz, Poland, wore long red robes and white bonnets, invoking “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Marcin Stepien/Agencja Gazeta/Reuters
  • Protesters disrupted churches in Poland on Sunday during the fourth day of protests after a court decision tightened the country’s already-strict abortion laws, the Associated Press reported.

  • The court’s ruling banned abortion in the case of fetal defects, meaning abortion is legal in Poland only in cases of incest, rape, and life-threatening danger to the mother.

  • Activists staged protests at churches across Poland, defying precedent in the predominantly Catholic country.

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Protesters disrupted church services in Poland on Sunday during the fourth day of protests after a court decision tightened the country’s already-strict abortion laws, the Associated Press reported.

Despite coronavirus-related restrictions on large gatherings, thousands took to the streets after a court ruling on Thursday determined abortions in the case of fetal defects were unconstitutional.

Poland’s abortion laws were already some of the most restrictive in Europe. About 100,000 Polish women are estimated to travel abroad each year seeking the procedure, according to the BBC.

In the wake of the court’s ruling, abortions in the country will be legal only in cases of incest, rape, or life-threatening danger to the mother, instances that made up just 2% of legal abortions in recent years, The Guardian reported.

Some abortion-rights advocates said the decision would result in a near-total prohibition on abortion. The Council of Europe’s commissioner of human rights said the decision amounted to a ban and violated human rights, calling it a “sad day.”

protests poland abortion laws
Members of a far-right group helped police officers remove women who were protesting in a church in Warsaw, Poland. Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images

The court’s decision came after officials from the ruling, right-wing Law and Justice party challenged the existing law last year. Catholic leaders and organizations had encouraged the party to seek heightened restrictions on abortion, according to the BBC.

During protests on Sunday, activists spray-painted slogans, entered churches, confronted priests, and chanted during mass, defying precedent in the predominantly Catholic country, the AP reported. Activists expressed frustration about the Catholic church’s heavy influence over the country.

One video shared on Twitter showed a group standing at an altar, holding protests signs and chanting, while interrupting a church service.

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Tymczasem w poznańskiej Katedrze… ✊#Strajkobiet#Kościół

Other images taken by Reuters showed women dressed in long red robes like that of the characters in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a book and television series about a dystopian society in which women are kept in captivity and used for reproduction against their will.

The police also clashed with protesters, some of whom were seen carrying posters with images of crucified pregnant women.

Disruptions at church services happened throughout the country, including Warsaw, the capital. In one city, Katowice, the police said they were attacked and used tear gas against a crowd of 7,000 that was protesting in front of a cathedral, Reuters reported.

Reactions in the country have been mixed, according to the AP, which reported one right-wing news outlet’s headline said: “Devastated churches, disrupted masses. Scandalous protests by feminists.” While one liberal news outlet’s headline said: “Aggressive reactions of policemen all over Poland…. Scenes like those from Belarus on the streets.”

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