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Prepare for a Protracted Economic Downturn While the War Against Trump and the Died Suddenly… Continues

There is an attack on Trump coming from almost every direction. Continued use of the psyop by the Lying Legacy Media (LLM) that distorts every piece of data so that it may be seen as being detrimental to the 2024 presidential contender.

The antisemitic hoax perpetrated by Kanye West, also known as Ye, at Mar-a-Lago is the most recent example of an attempt to tarnish Donald Trump’s reputation with additional lies. It is common knowledge that Trump supports the Israeli government, thus this strategy is certain to fail. He relocated the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for heaven’s sake. Despite the never-ending investigations and legal battles, President Trump continues his agenda.

In the meanwhile, there are suspicions that the Democrat party was involved in money laundering through FTX crypto or the Hunter Biden probe that is coming up in the House. The LLM would want for you to believe that Donald Trump is the bad guy, but we all know that Joe Biden was cheated out of the presidency, that the 2022 election is still being rigged, and that the Biden criminal family are up to their necks in corruption.

Each week, a fresh batch of unlucky people are killed by their vaccinations. They either “pass away unexpectedly” or are severely injured at a very young age, which scars them for the rest of their lives. There is absolutely no way that this can be stopped in the near future.

Now, many in Congress are beginning to feel anxious about this growing fiasco, and they have offered to attempt to put a stop to the ridiculous requirement that all members of the United States military receive vaccinations by threatening to withdraw money. Since Congress is free from the vaccinations they mandated for the rest of the country, it would appear that they need to make an effort to salvage face and put an end to the bloodshed, at least in the armed forces.

There is no way to halt what is coming, especially for those who have had both vaccinations and booster shots. Just ask Al Roker, who just went back to the hospital for further life-threatening blood clots, and yes, it’s been reported that he’s been vaccinated three times.

There is much evidence indicating that the United States and the rest of the globe are about to enter a severe economic downturn. The manufacturing sector has entered a downturn, European banks are collapsing, inflation is rising rapidly, and the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates in an effort to combat these trends. Prepare yourselves, according to Michael Burry, for a “protracted multi-year slump.”

Trump video says he will ‘run like the wind’ and ‘tear the s***’ out of opponents including Nancy Pelosi and January 6 committee Republicans in wild new spot.

Former President Donald Trump shared a video Monday night to Truth Social that compared him to a lion. The video said the lion will ‘run like the wind’ and ‘tear the s***’ out of opponents, labeling them ‘jackals’.

Those rivals included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic impeachment managers and GOP January 6 committee members.

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