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Powerful Message From Jim Caviezel – “Sound of Freedom”! Sex Trafficking Coming Out of Film & Mass Arrests (Must-See Video)

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


The film “Sound of Freedom”, which was scheduled to be released on Friday, July 29, 2022, but was postponed for an unknown reason and whose release date was unknown, will finally be released worldwide.

There was also information that it was scheduled to be released on July 4, 2023, Independence Day, but it was announced at Angel Studios that it will be released on May 11.

It tells the story of former US government agent Tim Ballard, who quits his job and dedicates his life to saving children from a global sex trafficker.

As the subject is “child trafficking”, it is a very sensitive content, and it is likely that there was a lot of resistance behind the scenes before it was released to the public.

The following day, May 11 (Thursday), the film “Sound of Freedom” will be released worldwide, with the theme “child trafficking”.

No coincidence.

What is “Sound of Freedom”?

This film sheds light on one of the most terrifying criminal industries in the world: child trafficking.

The film stars Jim Caviezel ( The Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion of the Christ ) as Tim Ballard, who worked as a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security for over a decade.

The Sound of Freedom highlights one of its first missions to free dozens of children from trafficking and sexual exploitation. It’s a story of fighting for freedom and hope, even in the darkest of places .

Sound of Freedom | Exclusive 9-Minute Preview

“I can honestly say, this is the best film I’ve done since The Passion of the Christ. . . “

When will the movie ” The Sound of Freedom” be released?

May 11

Sound of Freedom , a new Angel Original, is a thriller based on the incredible true story of a former government agent turned freedom fighter who embarks on a perilous mission to rescue dozens of children from modern day slavery.

This emotionally riveting narrative is a powerful story of heroism and is a testament to the tenacious spirit of those who refuse to let evil triumph.

Angel Studios Illuminate Annual Event

Angel Studios’ annual Illuminate event is almost here! Live on May 11, Angel employees, filmmakers, fans and investors will join us in person in Provo, UT, and online to celebrate what’s to come for Angel Studios in 2023.

Another work on Tim Ballard’s hit “Operation Toussaint”

Join us as Tim and his Special Forces infiltrate Haiti to bring justice to sex traffickers who have been released from prison for being bribed.

Mass Arrests: Prince Richard/Macron/Kissinger/Zelensky…

Mass arrests:

May 8 (Mon) UK: Prince Richard (member of the British royal family) arrested by the Q Army
Charges = treason + child sex trafficking

May 8 (Monday) France: Edgar Macron arrested by Q forces
Accused of treason + child sex trafficking

May 8 (Mon) California: Edward Murdoch arrested by Q Forces
Charges = Cheating + Child Sex Trafficking

Monday, May 8 Vermont: Jim Sanders Arrested on
Army Charges Q = Cheating + Child Sex Trafficking

Sunday, May 7 London: Jonathan Rothschild, key member of the Rothschild family , arrested by Q Forces, transferred to Nevada Maximum Security Prison Charges
= Treason

Sunday, May 7, New York: Ryan Kissinger Arrested for Q Forces
Charges = Cheating, Child Sex Trafficking

Arrested in Ukraine by Dimitry Alekseex, leader of the largest human trafficking ring in the world, and his associates, the Q forces responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands
of innocent children

Military arrests Obama-era pawns for treason :

United States Navy Jag Investigators on Friday arrested an Obama-era stooge on the charge of treason after a criminal investigation revealed he had been lurking in the shadows and advising the current regime on how to funnel federal tax dollars overseas without drawing public scrutiny, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

He said a particular name, Jack Lew, surfaced several times while JAG traced the billions of American dollars the criminal regime had furtively sent to Ukraine over the past 15 months.

Lew is an American attorney who served as the 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury from 2013 to 2017. His political career began in 1995, when he worked for the Clinton administration as a special assistant to the president. He faded into political obscurity when Trump in January 2017 assumed his rightful place in the Oval Office.

His disappearance, JAG said, was an illusion; Lew had been instructing the current Treas. Sec., the criminal Janet Yellen, on the art of embezzlement. He thought so highly of his exploits that he bragged to Yellen about how he had, at the bequest of Clinton, misappropriated $4 billion to fund Bosnian freedom fighters in response to Serbian atrocities against Bosnian civilians. The $4bn was exclusive of what Congress had approved–$23.5bn toward “peacekeeping” operations in the theater. Lew also boasted he had, this time for Hussein Obama, given Iran $70bn U.S. tax dollars, a down payment for Iran’s promise to abandon nuclear weapon ambitions, which Iran reneged on.

JAG learned of the deals via telephone conversations between Lew and Yellen that were intercepted by U.S. Army Cyber Command. Lew, our source said, was incredibly proud of his exploits.

In March, ARCYBER intercepted another call on which Yellen told Lew she had to surreptitiously send Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy an added $4.2bn without Congress’ knowledge. Lew replied that the answer was simple: siphon the money in aggregate from multiple cabinet-level departments to disguise the withdrawals. Lew recommended pilfering $1bn each from the Treasury Department, the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Agriculture. Lew told Yellen that the heads of those departments wouldn’t oppose the thefts because they represented a minuscule amount of their annual budgets.

“No one will notice at all,” Lew told Yellen. “That’s the way we’ve done it for decades.”

Our source said Yellen is a mathematical dunce who, like Lew, is a relic of the Clinton administration. The difference is that Lew understands finance and how to cook the books, whereas Yellen is a “yes woman” who has been living in Ukraine since October 2022—to avoid being caught by the White Hat partition of the U.S. military.

“Dozens of Biden’s people fled overseas to hide from us,” our source said. “You know what, there’s no statute of limitations on treason. We’ll get the bitch Yellen just like we got Lew.”

JAG investigators, he added, caught Lew outside the Fairways Inn strip club in Smyrna, Delaware. Investigators on location saw Lew, a married man and proclaimed Christian, shell out $16k in lap dances and drinks during the 12 hours he spent in the club.

“He was giving strippers money hand over fist,” our source said.

A JAG detective tapped an intoxicated Lew on the shoulder as he stumbled to his vehicle in the parking lot of the club. When shown a military arrest warrant, Lew reportedly laughed, blurting that Barack Obama had given him “lifetime immunity” against prosecution. He tried to slug the JAG officer, who dodged the strike and delivered a haymaker to Lew’s jaw, breaking it and sending him to the pavement.

“Let’s see if Barack answers your phone call from prison,” the JAG official told Lew.

Lew, our source said, has been taken to GITMO, while JAG decides whether to try him there or send him to Camp Blaz.

In closing, RRN asked our source why Lew was sent to GITMO, if JAG is now holding tribunals in Guam.

“You’re [sic.] misreporting isn’t our problem,” our source said. “Yes, certain prisoners are going to Guam, and Adm. Crandall’s skills are needed there, but some prisoners will still have tribunals at Guantanamo Bay”.

The White Hat Military Alliance captured most of the top Deep State thugs: Murdoch, Biden, Pelosi, Zelensky

International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenal Harvest Rings: Adrenochrome.

Philippines: 1,200 Indonesian children freed from trafficking by Russian military  Ukraine: Russian military rescued over 10,000 children found in cages.

74 underground tunnels were destroyed, 678 child traffickers were killed and 3,876 traffickers were arrested.

Kansas and Missouri: Q Army rescued 760 children from human traffickers.

7 underground tunnels destroyed . 78 traffickers killed. Many top secret documents were uncovered.

CALIFORNIA: On April 27th, in Hytheville, CA, two DUMBS used for child trafficking were destroyed by Q Army, causing multiple earthquakes in the area. 140 children were saved. 37 traffickers were killed .



Q Mystery Book | Where We Go One, We Go All! Do you want to know Who Is Behind QAnon? According to the New-York Times, using machine learning, deep learning, stylometry, and statistics on Q texts, two separate teams of NLP researchers from France and Swiss have identified the same two men as likely authors of messages that fueled the QAnon movement.

First the initiator, Paul Furber, a South African software developer and then Ron Watkins took over, who operated 8chan website where the Q messages began appearing in 2018 and is now running election for Republican in Arizona.

Does America really have a national security “deep state”?

Is “deep state” is a real thing?

There are parts of the US government that wield real power outside the conventional checks and balances of the system!

Is there a case for a more robust deep state, especially when the power of the American presidency keeps growing? Is it necessarily bad to have an alternative check on the executive?

For the Deep State, Trump Was Never President ?

Read the full article HERE:

Epstein Flight Logs – Hollywood Illuminati Satanic Cult – Sent Them all To GITMO!

BOMBSHELL! List of Hollywood Pedo-Names – Pedophilia – CIA and Mossad – Child Trafficking in America | Sickening Hillary Clinton Sex Tape | List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles:

Here is a full list of people who are being actively investigated for crimes against children. Many say that arrests have already taken place but no one can confirm this. Something to ask yourself as you review this list…. if these were false allegations, wouldn’t someone have stepped up by now?

With all the money they have, wouldn’t someone have filed a lawsuit for slander by now? It makes you wonder. What is really sad is that anyone who becomes famous becomes a target.

Some are born into this secret society, some are sold into it by their parents, some are drugged and blackmailed, others are rewarded for participation in the cult by getting leading roles in movies. It’s anyone’s guess as to the specific story for each actor. May God have mercy on their souls…

Read the full article HERE:

Warning: Graphic Content – Satanic Elite Exposed Marina Abramović Dinner Rituals | Perverse Sexual and Cannibalistic Rituals

If you are not convinced satanic sex cults are operating through out our society and right under our noses, let me introduce you to Marina Abramovic, a 75 year old Serbian performance artist, that claims to test the limits of the human body.

Mock Cannibalism – Spirit Cooking
In the WikiLeaks Podesta Emails, there is email 15893 which refers to a “Spirit Cooking dinner”, the so-called “artist” Marina Abramovic is talking to Tony Podesta about, and hoping to know if his brother John Podesta is coming to.

The Spirit Cooking dinner being refereed to is the famous one you might have seen where people are scooping up mock-blood liquids from naked people lying in mock-blood baths, apparently molasses (but I’m not sure if there wasn’t anything else mixed in). She has used real blood in her “art” before, as you will see. You can see Lady Gaga enjoying her lick of red liquid that was scraped off a naked women that imitates a cannibalistic ritual.

Read the full article HERE:

PizzaGate The Pedophile Scandal of The American Elites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta … The List Would Be Endless

Pizzagate is the term given to the flow of news and revelations about
a possible network of pedophiles that operated in Washington through symbols and keywords within a couple of family pizzerias. In this article we will cover many details about this accusation of child abuse.

When researchers from Reddit and 4Chan began to delve into the subject of Podesta’s leaked emails, they found something a little strange. Strange references to pizza, ping pong, and a small establishment in northwest Washington DC called Comet Ping Pong.

It turns out that within the thousands of Podesta emails that left Hillary Clinton in a bad position in handling the situation in Libya and Syria when she was Secretary of State of the Obama administration, there were also strange emails in which words and words were persistently repeated. phrases that seemed to have no meaning, or contextual meaning.

Only when it was understood that there was a code language in the words of the same, it was possible to measure what was being said in those emails. Podesta and his perverted friends talked about child abuse with an encrypted language that has been widely used in pedophile circles on the Internet for years.

They substitute words related to pedophilia with “innocent” words, some related to fast foods and related ingredients such as “pizza”, “hodotgs”, “masa”, “salsa”, “queso” or more exotic things like “Nuez” or “bandanas” ” of colors”.

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