Pamela Anderson, 53, Sits With Legs Apart In Lacy White Dress

Pamela Anderson, 53, sat with her legs spread apart in a lacy white dress that showed off her body for the new Instagram share she posted to the delight of her 1.1 million followers, who have liked the image more than 11,000 times thus far. The former Playboy Playmate shared the artistic black-and-white photograph of herself in a contemplative pose. Pamela’s eyes were closed and her head was tilted upward in the artfully constructed photo. She rested her chin in her right hand. She sat with her legs spread apart on what appeared to be a low stool while part of her dress fell between her knees to cover her modestly.

The bombshell’s blond tresses were shaped into long waves that fell loosely around her shoulders and down her back as bangs brushed against the top of her forehead. She wore a luxurious looking garment that fell to the floor. The gorgeous garment featured sheer panels accented by thick bands that were clearly seen on the sleeves. These draped to her wrists and were designed to loosely fall around her arms. The gown appeared to have a liner so it was not completely sheer.

On the fourth finger of her left hand, a thin band was seen. She held what seemed to be a hand of playing cards between her fingers that were accented with a light-colored polish. On the wood floor in front of her, more playing cards were scattered about. Behind the former Baywatch star, light-colored walls dominated the room. A low-lying sequence of two windows was bare with no covering atop them.

In the accompanying caption of the pic, Pamela republished a quote by American-Cuban-French diarist Anais Nin, which spoke of loneliness.

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