Ohio Police investigating random shooting incidents in highway.

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for a puzzle shooter focusing on different vehicles in a progression of “arbitrary” roadway assaults. Columbus Police Commander Robert Strausbaugh said there have been at any rate 14 shootings on the interstate since June, however, the culprit stays obscure to specialists, news station WBMS originally revealed.

Strausbaugh said there’s no proof to propose there’s a connection between occurrences, which generally happen at night on Interstate 270 — however the rationale behind them stays muddled. “It’s worried to me. At any rate on the off chance that they have a rationale, I can comprehend why they’re doing what they’re doing,” Strausbaugh said. He said he doesn’t trust it’s a copycat of interstate shooter Charles McCoy, who went on a dangerous frenzy from May 2003 to February 2004 in the Columbus region.

Strausbaugh said, all things considered, it’s some type of “clowning around,” however added the episodes could have genuine outcomes. Strausbaugh said. about his concern as to if somebody might be truly harmed or it will be a casualty soon. These people are now randomly shooting from a moving vehicle to another moving vehicle, it is possible that they miss and hit somebody driving the other way.

Up until this point, there have been no losses, however, a few people have experienced minor wounds broken glass, Strausbaugh said. He said specialists are “forcefully” exploring the occurrences and approached general society to offer any facts that could help track down the shooter.

Strausbaugh warned and asked the public to be more careful and asked them to inform the police about anything unusual they might notice while driving. He also added the most important thing right now is to get more information about incidents and figure out the way things are.

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