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New Benjamin Fulford July Intel: The Return of Trump! Mass July Intelligence Intel Update! End Game Protocols! via Qualified Observers

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BENJAMIN FULFORD: THE RETURN OF “D. J. TRUMP ” OPERATION END GAME PROTOCOLS, ACTIVATED! As the USA & Canada, approach their day’s of independence to celebrate, the Whitehats prepare to celebrate on the new date marking their brand new day of the liberation of humanity. The REAL DONALD J. TRUMP is back, as another massive swath of DEEPSTATE leaders has been targeted and systematically destroyed or removed by the Trump whitehat operation. TRUMP’S return has triggered and ACTIVATED THE END-GAME PROTOCOLS, IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! TRUMP also promises a RESTORATION of DEMOCRACY for NORTH AMERICA. THE CLEAN-UP OPERATION IS IN IT’S FINAL STAGES.

Former Asia/Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford has 20-years experience as a professional writer and journalist, and has sold over 500,000 non-fiction books written in Japanese. He’s produced a comprehensive catalogue of scoops in fields ranging from business, to yakuza gangsters, to high-finance, to government corruption.

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