Mom Shoves Kids Out Door To Save Them From Raging Fire. Then She Shuts Herself In…

Angel Fiorini’s kids will never have to question their mother’s love for them. She’s proven that she would give everything – even her own life – to keep them safe.

It was late October when Angel woke up early in the morning coughing. She quickly realized that her house was on fire and rapidly filling with smoke.

Angel jumped out of bed, her only concern to save her three children. She grabbed her 3-year-old son Vinny and her 18-month-old daughter Rosalie and ran outside. But when she started to go back into the house to get her 7-year-old daughter Gianna, she noticed that her two younger children were trying to follow her back in.

Thinking quickly, Angel closed the door to keep Vinny and Rosalie outside. Then she went to find Gianna.

By the time she got to her daughter, though, the smoke had filled the house and they couldn’t find the door.

Terrified for her daughter’s safety, Angel put her on the floor and then lay her body over her. Soon, both of them passed out as the fire continued to rage around them.

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