Mom Murdered Rapist After He Threatened Her Daughter. She is Sentenced 10 Years in Jail

In December 2015, Australian mom Roxanne Eka Peters, 35, said she was raped by Grant Cassar, 51.Days later, he broke into her home again to do a “meth cook-up,” according to 9News. Once inside her home, Cassar allegedly threatened rape again.

New Zealand Herald reports that Cassar, a former bank robber, said he’d hurt the mom’s daughter if she didn’t have sex with him.

That’s when the Peters ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large knife, Prosecutor David Nardone told the court.

Peters repeatedly stabbed Cassar in the body and penis, while shouting “you don’t rape me,” said Nardone. The 51-year-old died from the injuries in her home.

The mom then tried to find friends who would help her move the body but was unsuccessful.

Instead, she tied up his body with a rope by the neck and dragged it behind her car to a remote area, where she left it in a ditch, 9News reports. The remains were discovered the following day.

This week, Peters was sentenced to nine years in prison for manslaughter and an additional 18 months for interfering with a corpse. She pleaded guilty to the charges in Brisbane Supreme Court.

Justice David Boddice said in court:

“I accept the stabbing occurred in circumstances when you were enraged by what the deceased had done to you and was threatening to do to you again. But she should have sought immediate help after the stabbing. Instead, you set about the process of callously disposing of the deceased body.”

Cassar’s mother spoke out about the killing and said she was devastated at the loss of her son. She said:

“Never in the world could I imagine a woman would do such a horrible thing. Whoever wrote the words ‘wounds heal with time’ obviously never lost a child.”

Due to time served, Peters will be eligible for parole in 2020.

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