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Military Insider: They Elites Panicked When they saw the Future. The People of Earth Are Awakening To The Truth, And Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

A Great Awakening Is Coming To Humanity

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

This Great Awakening was predicted over a Decade Ago

Project Looking Glass Insider Reveals
The Elite Controllers became extremely distressed that all of the Timelines Converged, narrowing down to an inevitable conclusion.

Computer Simulations all confirmed that nothing they did could stop this event.

Almost every proposed method backfired and cause the opposite result.

Completely obsessed with finding a solution, they threw everything they had into finding a way to change the future.

Nothing they could change the Ultimate Outcome.

They could delay things, for a short time.

They finally gave up on Project Looking Glass altogether.

From Project Camelot Interview

Military Insider: They Panicked When they saw the Future

This was recorded over a decade ago and makes it even more incredible as we see the events described unfold on the planet today

For full 🌕 interview see link below


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