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Marines Foil Fed Plot to Explode U.S. Military Base

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On Sunday, United States Marines at USMC Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, apprehended two FBI agents who had entered the base undetected and were skulking near an ordnance building that held bombs for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing’s AV-8B Harrier and F-35 Lightning II jets, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Cherry Point, regarded as one of the best all-weather jet bases in the world, sits on 29,000 acres of land in Havelock, North Carolina. The heart of Cherry Point is its massive four-point runway system, designed to provide multiple approach and departure advantages to all aviators who can fly there. The air station’s runways are so long that they served as an alternate emergency landing site for NASA during the years that the agency maintained a space shuttle program. The station has approximately 53,000 active duty, dependents, and civilian contractors.

Despite its size, population, and abundance of traffic, Cherry Point is a closed base, meaning a valid military I.D. is needed to enter its front and rear gates. After the Christmas Day assault on Guantanamo Bay, Gen. Smith tightened security on all domestic Marine Corps installations, instructing leadership to watch for corrupt feds and deny entry to military commanders loyal to the criminal Biden regime.

At 10:45 p.m. Sunday, an aircraft mechanic spotted two shadowy figures outside a secure ordnance depot. He called security, saying “a couple of guys in tactical gear with sidearms” were loitering around the depot’s loading doors. They did not appear to be authorized personnel.

“All weapon lockers and storage have a keypad entry. It’s not like anyone can just walk in. There are also cameras everywhere, but the intruders weren’t seen. Maybe they knew blind spots, or maybe an inattentive Marine wasn’t watching the security feed. Anyway, the maintenance worker alerted security, and they investigated,” our source said.

USMC Military Police quickly located the trespassers and ordered them to put their pistols on the ground. They complied, and the M.P.s cuffed and searched them. The prowlers refused to identify themselves and carried no wallets, no identification; they were, however, wearing belt pouches with maps of the station, digital cameras, wire cutters, and an electronic gadget the size of a remote garage door opener.

Our source said the M.P.s separated the prisoners and brought them to holding cells for interrogation.

“Garrison commander Colonel Brendan C. Berks and Gen. Smith were notified of the intrusion. They told the M.P.s to apply the necessary pressure to get a confession. We knew they were FBI as soon as we fingerprinted them but wanted to hear what they had to say,” our source said.

When told he was under arrest and would be tried as a war criminal, one fed asked the M.P. to elaborate on the charges.

“That’s not necessary for you to know. All you need to know is you’ll be found guilty and executed,” the M.P. replied. It’s unclear if he was serious—since he had no authority to make such a decision—but his tone and body language must have scared the fed shitless, for he admitted he was FBI and that his superiors had ordered him to infiltrate the air station, access the ordnance depot, and plant a “receiver” that would have remotely detonated all the GBU-12 and GBU-16 laser-guided bombs after he had egressed the station. The electronic gadget, he admitted, had a dual purpose: it ought to have opened the door to the depot and served as a trigger to blow the building and a chunk of the base to smithereens. The device, however, malfunctioned and wouldn’t open the door.

“He couldn’t or wouldn’t say why Wray wanted to commit an act of terror on a U.S. military base. He just said those were his orders. He also said he got on base by exploiting a weakness in the fence,” our source said.

The second fed, he added, has thus far refused to talk.

When asked about their fate, he said, “Well, the M.P. was right about one thing: they will be held as war criminals.”

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