Man Surprises Wife With DNA Results On Their Child’s Birthday Proving He’s Not The Father

Celebrating your child’s birthday is meant to be a happy occasion, but it’s safe to say the occasion in this viral video is anything but. In the clip, a man “surprises” his wife with a gift for the occasion, only for her to discover that what’s contained within the bag is not anything she’d want. Instead, it’s DNA results proving that her husband isn’t the biological father of their son. Uh oh!

1. SHE REALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS GETTING A HAPPY GIFT.In the video, the woman can be seen laughing happily and making guesses for what might be contained within the gift bag. She really thought she was getting something great from her husband, but she was in for a pretty big awakening.

2. TURNS OUT, SHE’D BEEN CHEATING ON HIM.That’s right, the wife had clearly been unfaithful to her husband and while it’s unclear how he found out about it, he did and he wasn’t about to go without confronting it, especially since they had a child together… or did they?

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4. THE KID WASN’T HIS.The man obviously had doubts that their child was actually biologically is, so he managed to get a DNA test proving that his suspicions were right: he wasn’t the father.

5. SHE WAS PRETTY SHOCKED, TO SAY THE LEAST.Funnily enough, her first response wasn’t an apology, it was asking her husband “how [he could] do this to [her].” Oh dear.

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