Man Arrested In A High Speed Accident In Florida That Killed James White’s Father

In connexion with the high-speed collision that killed a Miami-Dade County police captain, the father of New England Patriots running back James White, A Florida man was busted this week.

Daniel Tucker Chamblin, 32, of Hollywood, confessed Thursday and was charged in connexion with the Sept. 20 collision that killed 59-year-old Tyrone White, police said, with vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and speeding.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel confirmed that Chamblin appeared in court Friday morning and was sentenced to be held at the main prison in downtown Fort Lauderdale on bonds worth $235,000.

Under one of the clauses, Chambin, who has a history of speeding, is not allowed to drive if, according to the article, he is released.

The collision, which happened at the intersection of Griffin and Southwest 118th Avenue in Cooper City, occurred when, according to the Sun-Sentinel, Chamblin smashed his 2018 Subaru into a Volkswagen Passat, with Lisa White, the mother of the football player, at the wheel.

According to the study, the Whites’ car struck a curb and overturned, trapping the couple inside while the vehicle caught fire.

Tyrone White, who had worked since 1984 in law enforcement, was killed.

His wife was seriously wounded but is recovering, the paper published, quoting the Sheriff’s Office of Broward County.

There are three Super Bowl rings for James White, who was drafted by the Patriots in 2014. In Fort Lauderdale, he was born.

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