Keep Your Eye On What The Twin In Pink Does After Dad Puts Them Next To Each Other

Growing up with a sibling close in age to you can be a magical thing. In most cases, siblings are best friends as they navigate childhood together. They share interests and hobbies and perhaps even take karate class together. No matter what a family goes through siblings have someone who understands their struggles and their triumphs. But that’s only part of the reason why the internet cannot get enough of these two twins in the video, and when you watch, neither will you!


Twins share a stronger bond than other siblings. Because they were born at the same time and came into being the same way, they have a deeper connection than others.

In the video below, which was captured by mom and dad, you’ll see just how special the twin relationship is. Even though the little ones are infants, they display a connection much deeper than what you might expect from babies their age.

Despite their deep connection, things are not always warm and fuzzy between twins. Because they are so close in age, they often develop sibling rivalries, the website Twins UK writes. Because twins sometimes fight to be the “better one,” they can face challenges between them.


While parents are delighted to have twins, because it ensures both babies have that sibling benefit we discussed at the beginning of this article, they must monitor them closely and show them equal love and attention.

But the babies in this video clip don’t have to worry about rivalries yet. They are much too young to be stressed out by the realities of growing up in the world. And as they are now, they are too cute to ignore. Because they share a deep connection, even as infants, mom, and dad got their cute laughing fit on tape just in time to share it with the world on the internet.

The twins are named Merle and Stijn. They are creating their unique twin-language that only they will be able to decipher. As you watch, you can tell that their babble has meaning to them. It’s almost as if they’re gossiping about mom and dad right in front of them. But since it is a “foreign” language to the parents, they have no idea what their babies are talking about.


Because twins grow up together, they babble together. As a result, they sometimes create “twin speak” languages that can last into their toddler and childhood years. In rare cases, the language they developed could be used even later into their lives. But often it is forgotten once they pick up their parents’ language.

If you need a pick-me-up, this is the video for you. Instead of a cup of coffee, this video will give you a booster and make you feel great. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, and you might even tear up from just how lovely these twins are. If you did, there’s no shame in sharing in something so beautiful.

What do you think about twins Merle and Stijn? Can you understand any of their adorable babble?

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