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Just In! Joe Biden Inadvertently Slipped Up! Why Hasn’t Anyone Seen This? (Must Video)


Hold the line everyone! We got this & Florida Maquis is correct again. Sorry just happen to be on the same frequencies of discernment. Thank you Sir! God wins! No fear! D Wilson

Excellent video, Maquis! Thanks, for some more positive & encouraging words. Oh, those Pharisee’s, who claim to be so high mighty, supposedly while never committing a sin. Reminds me of the story Jesus told about the woman caught in sin and the people of the town were going to stone her for committing adultery. And Jesus said to them, “let him who has not sinned throw the first stone”. Slowly, the older men left the crown, then the middle aged men & finally the younger men, dispersed. Then Jesus said, “where are your accusers”? Thank you for your encouraging words & for telling positive stories. KM

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