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Juan O Savin & Michael Jaco Highlights: The Perfect Storm! It’s Going To Get Rough Out There! – Must Video

These are the highlights of the latest interview between Juan and Michael. Juan brings it all together leading us to a convergence of several “storms” into one perfect storm; military action! He warns to get ready, it’s going to get rough! Great interview!

So forced vaccines are a “bridge too far”? My (latest) bridge too far was the stealing of our election by enemies foreign and domestic. Obamacare was a bridge too far. I got lots of bridges in my rearview mirror. I’ve been awake forever. Who is determining the distance of this so-called bridge? The military? Hey military: The bridge too far is ANY destruction of our Constitutional system. Goodness grief.

””Covid” not novel… no pandemic.. no variants… campaign of coercion & terror to address a stated objective. call it what it is, a state sponsored “vaccine” genocide operation. all will die from either heart failure or immune system failure – most “vaccine” deaths will occur in the future, so it won’t look like they are linked with the “vaccine”

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