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Basketball legend Michael Jordan has caused a social media storm after announcing that he will use all his power and influence to get Caitlin Clark onto the U.S. national team for the 2024 Olympics.

Michael Jordaп caυsed a stir oп social пetworks with his commitmeпt to sυpport Caitliп -Clark
Caitliп makes Team USA for the 2024 Olympics

Basketball icon Michael Jordan caused a storm on social networks after announcing his intentions

Use all your influence and power to ensure Caitlin Clark joins the team US national team for the 2024 Olympics. Jordan emphasizes special talent of Clark and its fit with Team USA’s style of play.

Jordan affirmed: “Caitlin Clark is a top player that fits my style perfectly

Team USA. “I will devote all my efforts and influence to bringing Caitlin Clark to the fold-Olympics. Her absence will be a significant loss for Team USA and the OlympicsGenerally speaking.”

Clark, famous for his outstanding performances and skills, has received wide acclaim widely in the basketball community. Jordan’s endorsement underscores her potential withinmaking a significant contribution to the national team’s success at the upcoming Olympicsnext. As discussions progressed, excitement grew about whether Clark would

secure a coveted spot on the esteemed list.


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