If You Ever Find A Penny Jammed In Your Car Door Handle, Stop Everything And Remove It.

Can you imagine if people who steal things from other people used their ‘talents’ for good? Imagine how different our world would be if people didn’t take what didn’t belong to them.

Instead, everyone worked an honest job and bought things for themselves. Well, that is a fantasy world. People steal.

One reported way that thieves can get into your car is by placing a coin in the door handle. If you don’t notice the coin, you could be in for a surprise! The idea is that the coin will prevent the doors from locking properly.

penny in car door

Then the thief has easy access to your vehicle. If you do some searching on this topic, you will find that a lot of people have said it is false.

That the car door locks are not so easily ‘broken.’ That is all well and good.

So, the key here is to be diligent, be aware, be smart. If you notice something funny, stop and look around. If you see something out of place or unusual – report it.

Call the police. As citizens, we have a responsibility to keep our neighborhoods safe.

We are the first line of defense, and we know our neighborhoods better than the police. You can spot things quicker and report them. The police need our help to do their jobs. Share this story about the coin in the door handle with your friends.

It may not work – but it wouldn’t hurt to be on the look out for it in your area. Share away, people.

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