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HERE WE GO: Crooked Hillary and Politico Publish Hit List of 200 Influential Conservatives They call “Foreign Actors” Who They Want Removed from Twitter

Hillary Clinton, Politico, the liberal media, DC elites and far left organizations are coordinating efforts to silence real people who support Donald Trump and his agenda in the runup of the 2020 election.

The organized left has already decimated conservative voices on Facebook with many of the top 2016 publishers already put out of business. Facebook cut nearly two billion page views to conservative websites in 2018.

This is a bloodbath.  Facebook has wiped out conservative content to American users.

There is also evidence of far left Google officials debating how to bury conservative content.   Google regularly censors conservative content.

Far left Google and Facebook also control 80% of advertising dollars online.

And they openly discriminate against conservative publishers.

Twitter continues to eliminate pro-Trump and conservative users and shadow-ban thousands of conservative accounts.

But this is not enough.

Democrat fascists want COMPLETE ELIMINATION of conservative voices online.

On Wednesday Hillary Clinton called out social media giants to begin banishing conservatives.

Hillary linked to a far left Politico junk report on alleged “foreign actors” who are already working disinformation campaigns against liberal candidates.

The 200 list actually included real users who are being targeted!

Here is one.

This is fascism in action.

The ruse of “we think these are Russian bots” is an attempt by intolerant Democrats to silence pro-Trump voices.

Democrats can’t win on a level playing field – and they know it.

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