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General Flynn update “We’ve been dictated to by our enemies and this administration has succumbed to that.”

“I am heartbroken as I am certain many across America are, especially the family members of these beautiful young men and women who willingly serve others and stand so bravely and courageously in harm’s way to guard against the enemies of America and freedom loving people here at home and around the world. The pride on this great young Marine’s face (Dylan Merola) beams so brightly. It is He that gives us strength, because it is through His sacrifice that we are able to live in freedom. God bless Dylan, God bless all who’s lives were lost so abruptly and tragically, May God bless and protect those wounded and those still serving in harm’s way and may God bless America.”

“This is our Alamo. The next two weeks are going to be brutal.”

AUgust 28, 2021 3PM ET: The final flight carrying UK Armed Forces personnel has left #Kabul airport, the Ministry of Defence announces. Earlier today Britain ended its civilian airlift operation. U.S. now alone on the ground.

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