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Gene Decode Situation Update On The World, Ukraine & Nuclear Weapon Concerns! – Must Video

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Thank you Gene for reporting what the mainstream has been refusing to share. I hope that soon the truth about Ukraine will be unleashed worldwide!

That was good! Thank you! God Bless you in Jesus name. Please don’t stop explaining and keeping us in the loop. Lost my husband Chris 1/8/22 crimes against humanity in the hospital. Then my brother in July oh don’t know why but we do it was the japs!!And a few friends just after their jap so sick!! Anyway my husband kept me informed, he introduced me to you and your lady friend that passed too. She was crazy honest and we loved her. I am so sorry and sad about that too. None of the people I know & family know the stuff we know and think I’m crazy so I really don’t talk to them much bc they complain and I try to explain and nope. They just won’t even give it a listen. I am telling you they know NOTHING OF THE SORT what’s truly going on. But again keep keeping us informed just the way you do. I appreciate it. Thank you!

Gene Decode Situation Update on the World – Russia; Hungary; Poland; Slovenia; Ukraine; annexation through referendum into the Russian Federation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson; and Nuclear Weapon concerns.

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