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Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

Is someone crying their dirty MONEY has been SIEZED!!!!
please explain to THE BITCH BOYS
the definition of RICO LAW….
The Clone is on the right who just happens to appear with charLIE ward
and other members of the tranny club at Mar A Lago
you have been fooled boys and girls… FAKE like the clowns always on Trending
Clone on the right
The BITCH BOYS took down a video claiming copyright when it was for exposing all those
selling silver, gold and big CIA club and all the little boys were upset because their little tour is not selling as good as they thought….always follow the MON NEY
and they did not like that they have no MONEY to pay their little boy trolls working from mommy’s basement while watching Porno of saint hitler with many FAKE accounts, all with the Blessings of their mommy

who cry about being a neutral platform unless your name is bluewater and you say nice things about bluewater..that is a big NO NO .
OH MY those Bald turkeys on Trending all the time were squirming and called their partners in crime
for protection because if you remove the curtain from these see they are just little boys.

what the clowns do not know is that The White hats took control of their more QUEEN LIZZY to protect them and the Bald turkeys with millions of dummies giving them money…..their days are numbered
so much for THE FREEMASONS on TRENDING all the time…

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