Florida man accused of hacking into voter database to change Gov. Ron DeSantis’ address

NAPLES, Fla. – A 20-year-old Florida man left Gov. Ron DeSantis stalled while attempting to vote, accused of changing the governor’s address in the state’s voter database.

Agents said Anthony Steven Guevara, of Naples, also accessed the voter registrations for U.S. Sen. Rick Scott and sports celebrities Michael Jordan and LeBron James, but made no changes.

a man looking at the camera: Anthony Steven Guevara

Police arrested Guevara on Tuesday, a day after the governor discovered the anomaly while trying to cast a ballot.

According to investigators, Guevara logged onto the Florida Department of State website, entered the governor’s date of birth (obtained through a Wikipedia search), and changed his address to a home in West Palm Beach, apparently that of a YouTube personality.

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