Emotional Moment 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Driver is Handed a $12,000 Tip

TikTok is much mure than a fun app, and Carlos Valdez used it to help an cute 89-year-old cover his bills and medical expenses

Derlin Newey is an incredible 89-year-old who doesn’t even act his age. This brilliant man works 30 hours at a Papa John’s Pizza in Roy, Utah, in order to cover his bills and expenses. His life took a completely different turn earlier this month.

One day, Newey was delivering a pizza to the home of TikTok creator Carlos Valdez. This day changed Newey’s life in the most amazing way.

Newey was standing at the doorstep and enjoying his conversation with the Valdez family. Carlos shared it to his TikTok page and it went viral.

[embedded content]

People really liked Newey and his efforts to earn money at that age. Why was this man working? Carlos set up a fundraiser via Venmo to help Newey. He raised $12,069 within a few days.

Valdez and his wife will deliver the money to Newey’s mobile home. This is their #12,069 tip for the great man.

“We collectively collected a gift for you, and I’m here to deliver that gift to you on behalf of the TikTok community,” Valdez told America’s favorite pizza delivery guy.

Newey couldn’t hold his tears. “How do I ever say thank you? I don’t know what to say,” he said.

The Valdez family did something great for Newey. He can now cover his bills and medical expenses.

“This couldn’t have gone any better,” Carlos said.  “He needed this. I’m just glad we could help him. We just need to treat people with kindness and respect  — the way he does. He stole our hearts.”


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