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Somebody has been reading my comments…OH MY
Michael jacko saying FLYNNY, his boy Patrick Byrne, Sydney Powell was in on Mar O Lago Raid
but sinman parkes told us last year that Sydney Powell was doing the Tribunals at GITMO.
.Well maybe she can do his since he is there now..You are seing clones of charLIE ard and sinman parkes..they are gone just like Nazi Dr. Fauci..the double that will resign prolly will go to jail.

Twittar just REMOVED a video from UFC Fight Pass official account of a fighter on live television tonight saying Jimmy Kimmel and Hollywood are pedophiles and should “eat an [🍆 ].”

Eat This Hollywierd and BITCH BOYS and charlie ward tranny club,clify HIGH,mikey adams and all the FREEMASON witches.

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