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Doctors Told To Shut Up About The Lethal Vaccines And Fraudulent Pandemic – All The Proof You Need. Dr. Vernon Coleman At The World Wide Rally For Freedom. New Body Liquefaction Unit Unveiled For Florida – Soylent Green! Must See Videos!

The proof is so easy to see as the media continues to push the lying, criminal narrative and doctors are being told to “SHUT UP” or lose their medical license.
Sadly, it is too late to save the ignorant who have been vaccinated, those who say they want to travel and those who are just living in FEAR from listening to their corrupt living room News casters every night.
It is so uncanny that the sheep getting these experimental shots cannot see in front of their eyes to what is happening.
An estimated 2 Billion are slated to die over the next 2 years as Agenda 21 pushes on with great success.
Source: Wil Paranormal

Not only that they called some of them and the workers at the center got pissed of at their reasoning. The consensus? That all 18-29 year olds that are unvaccinated are lazy. Maybe they know better?
Source: Not given by original poster

But he was pro vax to the end…he was lucky. It came quickly for him. Sort of if 2.5 days is fast. What I pulled from this is how good Tim Truth is at researching what he posts. Hats off to him for his efforts.
Source: Tim Truth


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