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Debt Slavery Traced Back to Babylon. Gabriel & McKibben on RamolaD. Debt Jubilee, Not Central Bank Digital Currency 10-29-2022

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Debt Slavery Traced Back to Babylon. Gabriel & McKibben on RamolaD. Debt Jubilee, Not Central Bank Digital Currency 10-29-2022


Educative and wide-ranging conversation with Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben of Americans for Innovation revealing their latest research into the depths of banking history to uncover the throughline in time linking ancient Babylonian bankers, moneylenders, and inventors of usury–interest on loans expanding to compound interest, the crux of fractional reserve lending–through the “court Jews” and moneylender-Jews of Christ’s time to the Khazarians in central Asia to the bloodlines of Europe and the Rothschilds to present-day central bankers and their new plans to digitize currency and limit access to same.

Behind this banking history lies a darker story of banditry, colonialism on the old Silk Road to China, and kidnapping and persecution of Russian boys and women sold as eunuchs and slaves to Arab traders, Babylonian Talmudism, the worship of Mammon, Ba’al, and Moloch, with its anti-human rituals of blood sacrifice, and above all the agenda of preserving usury. Which has been accomplished: the records from the days of writing on tablets in the early BCs show that banking practices and protocols of that day–starting from Hammurabi’s code written in stone–have not changed one bit, they have been carried down through the centuries.

The same Babylonians who took up residence at sites in Germany and Europe then found their way to Britain and manned the merchant ships of the East India Company ending up conquering the world for the British Empire, causing chaos, poverty, and mayhem everywhere they went. Doug and Mike trace the history and connect the dots, explaining that from the start those typecast as court Jews and moneylender Jews were not Hebrews or Semites but the same Radhanite Babylonians carrying their practice of usury forward. During the Second World War, Doug notes that the Zionist Jews were protected while the non-zionist Hebrews were put to death and imprisoned, as Eustace Mullins also has explained.

A fascinating conversation which also addressed the idea of a global debt jubilee rather than a gold paean to extant banks, this podcast follows a recent article at their sites accompanied by a podcast–viewers are encouraged to share this elucidation of the real history with the world.

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