Daughter Hides 2nd Baby For Epic Reveal At Hospital With Her Mom.

Many people choose to keep some information about their babies a secret so they can surprise their loved ones at delivery.

When Anna Brooks Williams was pregnant for the third time, she decided to up the ante by arranging an even bigger surprise for her family! For nine long months, she and her husband didn’t tell a soul that they were actually expecting twins.

In a series of adorable videos Anna shared online, the world got a front-row seat when the couple finally revealed the big news on the day their twin daughters were born! In one clip, we see that Anna’s mom is so busy doting on her new grandchild that she doesn’t even notice a nurse wheeling a second infant into the room. When she finally looks up and realizes what’s going on, she has the best reaction!
Watch her get the surprise of a lifetime in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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