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Dark Outpost Special Edition Mom: “Pedophile Husband Took My Kids!”

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein is a 49-year-old mother, a graduate of Columbia University, a previous ER/ICU nurse, the survivor of severe domestic violence and narcissistic abuse, and a previous well-known and respected resident of Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Her husband, Brian Stryker Weinstein, is a high profile DAVIS POLK attorney, with connections in the judiciary, and a LIFELONG HISTORY WITH pedophilia,

WHEN ELIZABETH CONFIRMED HER HUSBAND’S EXISTING PRACTICE, AND CONFRONTED HER HUSBAND, TELLING HIM THAT IF HE WANTED IT TO STOP AND AGREED NOT TO HURT THEM ANY MORE THEY WOULD HELP HIM, her husband initially agreed, AND THEN HE RAN. He immediately hired a company, O’Connor Professional Group, to falsify medical documentation and have Elizabeth falsely committed to a psych hospital, to give him a cover for his pedophilia, Elizabeth reports. When that failed, Brian used bogus “Orders of Protection” and the criminal coercion of the police to kidnap his children, evict Elizabeth from the house, and from her children’s lives.

The judicial system and law enforcement were weaponized against her. Suddenly the Mother with no prior history with the courts or police for 48 years was kidnapped, lost contact with her children, has been made homeless, has been falsely arrested multiple times, taken into custody and placed in solitary confinement for refusing to wear a mask while she was in the process of filing COURT DOCUMENTS AND A FOIA FORM, SHOWING THE CORRUPTION OF THE very judges that have now weaponized the system against her. She was sent to solitary confinement without due process and without being able to call a lawyer or family. SHE FILED A FEDERAL LAWSUIT FOR THE FALSE ARRESTS AND IMPRISONMENTS, WAS THEN KIDNAPPED AGAIN BY THE SAME POLICE WHO WERE DEFENDANTS IN HER CASE, BROUGHT IN FRONT OF THE SAME JUDGE WHO SENT HER BACK TO JAIL, THEN INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED HER AGAINST HER WILL, to one of the very same “hospitals” her husband contracted with to have her falsely committed to 10 months earlier, all while video evidence shows her undeniably calm and competent, no threat to herself or others.

Elizabeth, a previous ER/ICU nurse with insight into her care, knew her patient care rights and exercised them, refusing all treatment and demanding a hearing to be released within 5 days. St Vincent’s hospital and the courts denied Elizabeth a hearing for 2 weeks, in full violation of Mental Health and Hygiene Laws, then ordered her to take what she calls a lethal cocktail of prescription medication BY ANOTHER RELATED JUDGE ANNE E MINIHAN. Doctors and nurses threatened to make Elizabeth incapacitated before they would ever release her.

Once released, Judges issued ex parte, ex post facto orders (backdated 4 months) against Elizabeth, who was unlawfully arrested on the unserved orders for alleged “violations” (such as posting a picture of her children) that occurred weeks earlier when no Orders were in place. Police refused to tell Elizabeth why they pulled her over, if she was arrested, and then why she was being arrested. Elizabeth filed another Federal Law Suit.

Her husband and Defendants in her case than filed for “Guardianship” over Elizabeth, petitioning the Court to seize all of her assets, assign her a lawyer in all cases where they were the Defendants, and have Elizabeth placed in a long term care facility and forced medications. Judge Janet C Malone held ex parte hearings and trafficked Elizabeth into this “Guardianship of Property.” This illegal Guardian, Kenneth L Bunting, now NOT ONLY keeps Elizabeth’s monthly support payments, he found Elizabeth’s private account with her only money used to feed herself, confiscated the money and closed the account, leaving her destitute and dependent upon the kindness of friends for food and shelter. Bunting cut off Elizabeth’s car insurance, refused to provide money for transportation, and Judges deny Elizabeth virtual access to the Court when Covid protocols demand virtual access, and then dismiss her divorce filing entirely for “failure to participate.” Brian is now advancing multiple duplicative divorce petitions he filed when he filed for Guardianship over Elizabeth, his legal adversary and domestic violence victim.

This is NOT A HORROR MOVIE, but it feels like one. This is incredibly serious and it’s happening in real life.

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