Dad suddenly Dies ,Then Wife And Son Visit Grave To Find A Stranger Left A Box Behind

At the time of his death, Cody was working for the police department and was engaged to be married.

Danielle, Cody’s fiancé, and Cody had a two-year-old son.

Danielle would take her son, Braxton, to the cemetery every day to visit Cody’s grave.

Eight months after the accident, Braxton, and Danielle were surprised to see a gift sitting near Cody’s grave marker.

It was Christmas Day, and the mother and son went to the cemetery just like they always did.

Braxton got excited and thought his daddy had brought him present, and he took off running!

As rational adults, we know that Cody wasn’t able to give his son this present.

Watch the video to see who this mysterious Santa Claus was. Grab a tissue, you may need it.

[embedded content]

This hit me right in the feels and I’m sure it had the same effect on you.

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